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Here's our story

We think "outside the nine dots"

OND Financial Solutions was launched in 1998 when Stephen Frank and Jim Morella decided to formalize a friendly working arrangement that was to the mutual benefit of their clients.  In 2017, longtime friend and business associate, Tom Shaughnessy, moved across country to join the OND team.

We attribute the success of our firm to the clarity of our goals and objectives, all of which are firmly grounded in deeply held Christian principles.

Thanks to the trust placed in us by our clients, we have continued our growth over the years. Our firm now serves the greater Tulsa region, as well as many clients who have residences in other states. In 2001, we moved to the building that now serves as our headquarters.

“OND” is an abbreviation for “Outside the Nine Dots,” a brainteaser that is an apt analogy for our firm’s creative approach to complex problems.

The OND team will happily share the answer to the puzzle with any client who is stumped by it!